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Mozwho 0.4 Portal

Little installation risk here -- no chance of a performance hit as this thing simply reads your bookmarks from the in-memory data stores (RDF interface) and renders them to a HTML page. Access via url at chrome://mozwho/content/bookmarks.html, or in Mozilla via "Browse bookmarks" in View menu.

Compatible Mozilla 1.0+ in theory, including Netscape 7:
version 0.4.

Once you restart your browser, you can access the Mozwho bookmarks portal from chrome://mozwho/content/bookmarks.html

To use the RDF export function, you'll need to also install JSLib.

Older Installs: version version 0.3.9. version 0.3.8. version 0.3.0.

Sextant 0.0.2 code
Only use this if you're going to update from cvs and just want chrome registration. If you don't know how to manually uninstall, you should probably not click this link:


The mozwho project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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