Behavioral Studies

Catledge, L. and Pitkow, J. (1995). Characterizing browsing strategies in the World-Wide Web. In Proc 3rd International World Wide Web Conference, Darmstadt, Germany.
40% of visits are of previously seen pages

Phong Le and Makoto Waseda (2000). Curious Browsers. Advisors: Professors David C. Brown and Mark Claypool.
Shows time on page, scrolling, an time*scrolling were best predictors of interest

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Prior Art

Cockburn, A., and Greenberg, S. (2000). Issues of Page Representation and Organisation in Web Browser’s Revisitation Tools. Australian Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) 7(2), 120-127, May. (Reprinted from Proceedings of the OZCHI'99 Australian Conference on Human Computer Interaction, November 28-30, Wagga Wagga Australia).

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Greenberg, S. and Cockburn, A. (1999). Getting Back to Back: Alternate Behaviors for a Web Browser's Back Button. Proceedings of the 5th Annual Human Factors and the Web Conference, Held at NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, June 3th.
Explores alternates to tree trimming in history lists: Recency with Temporal Ordering Enhancement, Recency with Hub-and-Spoke Enhancement, Recency: Adding Spokes Only, Pure Recency.
James Pitkow, Hinrich Schütze, Todd Cass, Rob Cooley, Don Turnbull, Andy Edmonds, Eytan Adar, Thomas Breuel (2002). Personalized Search. Communications of the ACM, Volume 45 , Issue 9 (September 2002). ACM membership required at
Implicit personalization based upon web usage patterns.


Surf Maps.

Online Bibliography of History Visualization.

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